Handwriting made easy with the Star Spacer handwriting tool

The Star Spacer is a tool that helps children who struggle with handwriting. Designed by an occupational therapist, the spacer helps by providing an easy-to-understand physical guide for spacing between words. In addition, the spacer also helps with sizing and alignment of letters and words.

The results are immediate.

The Star Spacer helps spacing, sizing, and alignment difficulties become a problem of the past. And for many children, practicing with the Star Spacer helps to develop an awareness of what is needed for them to create legible handwriting.

With just a little practice, many students show improvement in spacing awareness, which allows them to write legibly without the tool.

Watch our video

If you have any questions about Star Spacer handwriting tool, watch this video to see how this easy-to-use tool can help your child improve their writing ­— immediately.

Who benefits most from using the Star Spacer handwriting tool?

If your child has difficulty with any of these writing skills:

  • Spacing between words
  • Consistent sizing of letters
  • Placing words on the line

The  Star Spacer tool by Handwriting Helpers can help.

Handwriting difficulties are more common than you think

Your child is not alone. Many children struggle with handwriting. Difficulty with handwriting is one of the most common reasons that school children are referred to an occupational therapist.

The Star Spacer has helped many children with learning disabilities, Autism, Down Syndrome, as well as other types of developmental delays. If your child has an understanding of handwriting and can copy or write independently, yet doesn’t have a grasp on spacing, sizing, and alignment, the Star Spacer can help. The Star Spacer is so simple to use that most children grasp the concept immediately.

Please see our FAQ page for any questions you may have.


The tool is most appropriate for elementary age writers, such as grades 1-5, although older students with writing difficulties have also shown improvement using the Star Spacer.